Required Documents


An interview cannot be scheduled unless a complete application is submitted.  The application provides an academic and social profile of the applicant and assists the Admissions Committee in making an informed decision on enrollment, grade placement and any support needed.

Documents can be sent via postal mail, or, can be scanned and sent to the Admissions & Development Office ahead of time via email, and the originals brought to the school during a visit or when interviewing. There is no way to apply online, and all documents must be completed by the parents.


All Applicants:

* Reports must cover the past two academic years and must be in English

  • Student Photo  (passport-style, full face, 2.5 x 3.5 cm)
  • Family Photo  (one per family)
  • Passport Photocopy (or "Juminhyo")
  • Application Fee  (¥20,000)

Explanation of Admissions Materials

NIS Application Form
NIS has one form for applicants entering the ELC Preschool & Kindergarten, and one form for applicants entering into grades 1-12. Complete this form in as much detail as possible, one per applicant.

Progress Reports, Grades, Transcripts
Applicants must submit reports from the past two years; if submitting in advance of final reports being available, these reports must be submitted when available.  High School applicants must submit official records in a school-sealed envelope or arrange for them to be sent directly to NIS via postal mail.  The admissions decision may be delayed if documents are not submitted in a timely manner.

Recommendation Forms
NIS has one recommendation form for ELC preschool and kindergarten applicants and one for elementary, middle and high school applicants.  All applicants should request their current classroom teacher or principal to complete this recommendation form and submit it in a school-sealed envelope together with the application materials.  

Student Photo (1)
Submit a 2.5 x 3.5 cm, passport-style photo.

Family Photo (1)
Submit a photo of the family expected to be living with applicant during enrollment; a casual “snap-shot” is acceptable.

Passport Photocopy (or “Juminhyou”)
Photocopy of the applicant’s passport to verify date of birth and nationality.  A photocopy of the Residential Registration is required for residents of Japan.

Application Fee  (¥20,000)
Payment must be in yen, and can be made via wired bank-transfer, invoiced, or paid in cash.  The school cannot accept credit cards.  Applicants can request this fee to be invoiced with initial tuition and fee billing.


We appreciate your cooperation in preparing these documents and submitting a complete admissions application. If you have any questions about these documents or the required materials, please do not hesitate to contact the Admissions & Development Office.



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