2018-19 Tuition & Fees


Annual Tuition

  • ELC (Preschool & Kindergarten)    ¥1,620,00
  • Elementary School  (Grades 1-5)    ¥2,020,000
  • Secondary School  (Grades 6-10)    ¥2,330,000
  • Secondary School  (Grades 11-12)    ¥2,380,000

One-Time Fees

  • Application Fee  (All applicants)   Online = ¥20,000 / Paper = ¥30,000
  • Registration Fee   (Students entering Kindergarten-Grade 12)   ¥200,000
  • Building Fee   (Students entering Kindergarten-Grade 12)   ¥400,000

Other Fees

  • School Bus Fee*
  • Bus #1  (Kozoji Shuttle Bus)  ¥218,000
  • Buses #2-8  (various Nagoya neighborhoods)  ¥403,000
  • Intensive 1:1 Support Fee  ¥2,500,000 (This fee is for students requiring intensive 1:1 support)
  • Summer Program (optional)  (per session fee)  ¥35,000
*Billed from the NIS Bus Association 
  • Tuition is charged annually for students starting at the beginning of the school year; students registering mid-year (after the school year begins) are charged tuition quarterly regardless of the start date within the quarter.
  • Refunds are NOT prorated and are granted by semester only.
  • Full Application Fee, Registration Fee and Building Fee are non-refundable and charged to all applicable students who attend during the school year, even if they enter late or withdraw early and are NOT prorated.
  • Under certain circumstances, scholarships are available for families who qualify. More information is available here.
Optional Estimated Expenses/Fees:
Below are estimates of additional optional fees or expenses that may be incurred in a typical school year for some students:
  • PTA Dues:  ¥5,000  (per family)
  • Secondary Overseas Trips (NIS Habitat, Model UN Trips):  ¥100,000-¥200,000 (grades 9-12, estimate for airfare & accommodations)
  • Extra OPTIONAL Online IBDP Courses:  ¥50,000-¥60,000 per IB course (grades 11-12)
  • Lunch Service:  NIS does not manage the cafeteria - Cezar's Kitchen is an outsourced vendor providing exceptional food service for all grades. Prices vary - please go to Cezar's Kitchen for more information.




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