The Goya Family Former Parent

Nagoya was our first experience outside Brazil. When we arrived at NIS our children had never studied at an international school and they did not speak English. We were very well received by all members of the school community and our children felt confident and welcome from day one. In just a little time our children started to speak English and got well integrated to the school. We really enjoyed being part of the school and treasure the good memories from this time. We will always remember NIS with love!

The Deo Family Former Parent

We were a part of the NIS family for almost three years. NIS is more than an educational institution - we saw it as a small community where expat families bonded and emerged into the Japanese traditions. The atmosphere was always warm and welcoming to students and their families. Our son spent some wonderful years in NIS, made great friends, and the teachers provided for an unlimited growth potential. We always felt welcomed to address concerns or feedback on his classroom progress. We believe his time at NIS helped to better prepare him for more challenging work ahead, and since our return home to the U.S, he was placed in advanced or honors classes.

The Branum Family Former Parent

Our three-year experience at NIS was extremely positive. It opened a whole new world for our son, who attended grades 4 through 6. He gained a new, more global perspective and developed friendships that we hope will last a lifetime. The excellent education he received continues to help him excel since re-entering public school in the US.  In particular, the inquiry or project-based curriculum has helped him with time management and cooperative learning.

Deea Class of 2015

I love how age doesn’t matter when it comes to friendship at NIS!

Gabi Parent, 2014

NIS is like a big family, where everyone knows each other, the children learn to appreciate cultural and personal differences, and every student receives more individual attention.

Kumu Class of 2014

I'll definitely miss the sense of family and belonging here. NIS was, and still is a home to me.

Parnavi Class of 2014

NIS has helped me connect and make friends with people from all over the world, and I truly think that I have received an "international" education because of it.

Saya Class of 2014

Everyone at NIS is recognized, and appreciated, and I will always cherish and miss that.

Taiyo Class of 2014

Though every student is different, there is this unique NIS culture that is a part of every one of us, and I'll miss that a lot.

Yuna Class of 2014

I will miss this close-knit community. This is what I love about NIS, where I can easily approach somebody from a different grade and sooner or later, I would be pretty close with them.

Janice MS Parent, PTA President

The teachers at NIS helped our family make, what would have been a difficult transition, a much easier one. As a parent of children with learning challenges, I have always had to educate and advocate for them. But here at NIS, I have always felt that I am being heard and that I am not alone.

Taishi Class of 2015

I will miss the friends I've made throughout my 15 years of life at NIS because there is nothing better than making new friends who inspire and support me and play a role in making my life more special.

Andy Class of 1982

NIS is constantly growing but it hasn't lost the "small town" feel. Walking the hallways today and having the students greet me, even though they don't know who I am really reinforces this for me.

Yumi Class of 1983

NIS showed me that learning was fun and the more fun it was, the more I learned!

Kara Class of 1977

NIS helped me see the bigger picture of life, what is important: respect, cooperation, open-mindedness. The joy of simple things, feeling empowered to take risks, seeing the world as inclusive and accepting.

Jodi Class of 1983

NIS is a wonderful, diverse group of students that allows you to really get a chance to view other cultures and lifestyles.

Geri Former Parent, PTA member

Happy 50th NIS - seems like yesterday was your 40th! Anyone who has ever attended or been involved with NIS will always remember it as a unique school. NIS has a very special culture and a close, family-like feeling about it. Even though it is growing and physically changing every year, it still has that lovely atmosphere. It is a place where so many friendships began and continue long after we leave. I have so many special memories from there and one day I hope to return to visit - I have a feeling Erik will still be standing greeting everyone at the bottom of the steps, rain, hail or snow!

Eimi Class of 2015

The family-like community at NIS helped me grow into the person I am today. NIS is my second home.

Riko Class of 2015

I will miss how close everybody is at NIS!

Kirsten Class of 2015

The teachers at NIS are some of the most hardworking, intelligent, and interesting people that students can be inspired by.

Nikita Class of 2015

I will miss the closeness and the safe sanctuary that the NIS community provided, because it truly is something that can't be found anywhere else.
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