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The NIS School Calendar Year

The 180-day school year is divided into two semesters (four quarters), starting at mid-August and finishing in mid-June. A semester is roughly half of the school year, usually from August-December and then January-June; a quarter is roughly half of a semester, usually August-October, October-December, January-March, and March-June.

Please note that the age cut-off for grade placement for all grades is September 1.


Daily Schedule

NIS is divided into two divisions, the Primary School, which encompasses the ELC Preschool, Kindergarten and elementary school, and the Secondary School, which encompasses the middle school and high school.

Primary School: The ELC preschool and kindergarten keep the same hours as the rest of the school. Each day begins with the Primary School assembly at 8:20, and ELC dismissal is at 3:15. The majority of elementary class instruction is self-contained. The elementary school day begins with the Primary School assembly at 8:20, and elementary dismissal is at 3:20.

Secondary School: Secondary students spend the day moving between six classes with their homeroom group, and classes are scheduled on an alternating Week 1/Week 2 schedule, with daily homerooms and weekly, extended homerooms.  Classes start at 8:20, and dismissal is at 3:25.

Wednesday Dismissal: The entire school dismisses early on Wednesdays. The ELC students are dismissed at 1:55, the elementary students are dismissed at 2:00 and secondary students are dismissed at 2:05.



2018-19 School Calendar

Click the link below for a one-page calendar of the 2018-2019 school year. (PDF)

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