Academic & Service Activities


The HSSC (High School Student Council) and MSSC (Middle School Student Council) are student government groups who organize student events and represent student voice. Each of these bodies is self-governing according to its own constitution/guidelines, and is supported by a Faculty moderator. Each body is constituted as follows:

The MSSC (elected annually in the Fall):    

  • 2 Co-Presidents  (8th grade student)
  • 12 Class Representatives (one from each homeroom)
  • Secretary and Treasurer are selected from one of the Class Representatives


The HSSC (elected annually in the fall [class officers] or in January/February [executives] to serve full year terms):  

  • President
  • Communications Director
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Entertainment Director
  • Class Officers (one per class) 



NHS (Nagoya Honor Society, formally the National Honor Society) is organization that honors high school students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, character, and citizenship. Students support the school community in a variety of activities throughout the year, and also must volunteer in the greater Nagoya community as well.


NIS Home Builders

NIS Home Builders advocates for decent and sustainable shelter for all. NIS Home Builders represent a variety of different organizations as they have represented Habitat for Humanity and Hope International in the past. Within the school community, NIS Home Builders organize annual fundraisers, such as the brick drive to raise money to enable students to support developing communities themselves while on trips. Students spend one week in locations such as Cambodia and Thailand, where they have helped build homes, wells and schools.



NIS high school students who join MUN (Model United Nations) meet once a week to study and learn how to serve as delegates for countries in a mock-UN style conference. Students debate, write resolutions, and learn the intricacies of parliamentary debate and the fine art of maneuvering behind the scenes to negotiate. NIS has traditionally participated in one conference, the THIMUN conference held in Singapore in the autumn. 



"PLAN NIS" is a high school club that represents PLAN International -- an international non-governmental organization (INGO) that focuses mainly on children's rights, girls' rights and access to education, as well as other causes. High school student members raise funds for PLAN International and other causes by volunteering to tutor elementary and middle school students. Students request 1,000 yen per hour, and 500 yen for 30 minutes. In the 2017-18 school year, PLAN NIS was able to raise approximately 360,000 yen to donate to and three organizations outside NIS (PLAN International,, Aid TAKATA) and three organizations within NIS (HSSC, JSDA, Operation Wallacea).


High School Sports Council

The high school Sports Council assists with all NIS athletic events, and helps by keeping scores at games and providing linesmen support for tournaments and games. They also help raise funds for the school’s athletic program, organize pep-rallies and help plan the Athletic Banquet, which is held at the end of the year.


NIS GIN (Global Issues Network)

GIN is an extra-curricular club to help students realize they can make a difference by empowering them to work with their peers to develop solutions for global issues. A natural extension of being "Internationally Minded", GIN students aim to raise awareness of the social responsibility of "global citizens" through local, regional and global action, and hopefully, in the process, develop solutions for issues as well. 


NIS Junior Red Cross

The NIS Junior Red Cross (NIS JRC) is a high school organization that believes in the well-being of the NIS and global community. We constantly pursue new and creative ways to serve our community and actively participate in the promotion of and participation in blood drives, First Aid/CPR trainings, lessons in American Sign Language, and visits to local Red Cross blood centers. The Junior Red Cross strives to be a part of the global process in making the world a happier, safer, and healthier place.


NIS Musical

The annual NIS Middle School musical aims at engaging our students in a large scale multidisciplinary project aimed at uniting our performance and visual art disciplines. Students will undergo the process of auditioning for parts using both singing and dramatic scenes followed by a process of rehearsal in preparation for performances to fellow NIS students and evening performances for parents and guests. The process involves intensive singing and drama rehearsal from well experienced teaching practitioners aimed at creating that real life sense of professional musical theatre. The culmination of this adventure for students is a deep learning experience of the demands of musical rehearsal and performance which is enlightening and often transformative for our student’s wider school experience. 


Publications is a student led club which focuses on sharing and celebrating the different activities and interests of NIS students. High school students serve as staff writers, editors, communications officers, and designers to produce a variety of different articles over the year. Articles change each month and are shared with peers through social media. The Publications team is currently researching new ways to collate and share their work including developing an app, website and e-publishing.



The Yearbook Contributors are a collection of high school students who support and strengthen school spirit by creating a Yearbook that captures the key events, personal bonds of friendship, and the essence of our school community. Students work under the leadership of a student editor to create a unique keepsake that is made available for purchase just before the summer vacation begins. These motivated learners demonstrate real-world skills and community involvement that exemplifies the school’s mission in action.