Scholarship Fund Golf Tournament


19th Annual NIS Tournament April 6, 2019!

Sign-up Deadline:  March 25


The NIS Scholarship Golf Tournament started in 2000, and 2019 marks our 19th tournament, scheduled for Saturday, April 6, 2019, again at Springfield Golf Club.

Every year, golfers from NIS and our friends and supporters from the local and foreign business community have made our tournament a memorable one that raises funds for an important cause.  The event is made possible (and fun!) by the many companies and individuals who support it by providing prizes and donations.  Companies such as Delta Airlines, the Hilton Nagoya, and many others have provided prizes and support that is very generous and on behalf of the scholarship recipients, NIS thanks you all very much.  The Scholarship Fund provides financial support to families who could not otherwise attend NIS, and plays an important role in the school's ability to provide an English-language curriculum to as many students as possible.

NIS thanks Delta Airlines for their grand-prize, as well as Hilton Nagoya for their support of NIS and the tournament! Thank you golfers and supporting companies! We look forward to seeing you out on the golf course in April!!


30,000 yen (includes playing fee, buffet dinner, and donation to the NIS Scholarship Fund)
* Fee does not include tax, caddy-fees, lunch or snacks 

Delta Airlines •  Hilton Nagoya  •  Toda Corporation  •  H&R Consultants  •  Nagaken  •  Asiana Airlines  •  Izakaya-Ja Nai!/ Hyappa Brews •  Meito World Service Inc.  •   Meiraku/Sujyata  •  Shooters   •  The Rock  •  Hagiwara Denki  •  Fujinari Printing Co.  •  Springfield Golf Club 
デルタ航空 /ヒルトン名古屋 /戸田建設株式会社 /H&Rコンサルタンツ/株式会社永賢組/アシアナ航空/イザカヤジャナイ!・ヒャッパ ブリューズ/有限会社名東ワールドサービス/株式会社めいらくコーポレーション/スポーツバー「シューターズ」/名古屋のオージバー&レストラン「ザロック」/萩原電気株式会社/藤成印刷株式会社 /スプリングフィールドゴルフクラブ



Join us for a fun day on one of the best courses in the Chubu region!

• April 6, 2019 (Sat)
• Springfield Golf Club (Tajimi)
• Registration 9:30 am
• Awards dinner after play
• Participation Fee ¥30,000 *
• Registration deadline: March 25
• Register online HERE

Participation fee includes all playing fees, after-play dinner, and a donation to the NIS Scholarship Fund 
* Fee does not include tax, caddy-fees, lunch or snacks; Caddy-fees are ¥3,240/player extra (reservation required)


締め切り: 3月25日(月)